Pinion and Gates team up for the US market!

We at The Superior Bike Shop love the Pinion-Gates combination available on the top of the line Schindelhauer Wilhelm bicycles. And they have been our best-sellers despite the price tag and the 4 to 5 week wait time required to build and deliver…

Clients' Feedback - PRICELESS

We have been in operation for just a few months but already have some great clients! Check out the comments from a customer in NYC who recently got his made-to-order Schindelhauer Ludwig XIV. Looks like it was definitely worth the wait!…

Global Cycling Network on Schindelhauer

All you need to know about what it is like to ride a fixed gear bike for the first time, what the Pinion gear box is all about, the stealthy silence of the Gates Carbon Drive, and how much fun urban cycling is - in this video by GCN. A must…
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