We are welcoming in 2019 with a special offer on selected bicycles and accessories - 20% OFF regular price form now till January 2019!

The biking season is just around the corner, so now is the time to get your dream 8bar, Fabike and Schindelhauer at an unbeatable price. Or upgrade your existing ride with Knog front and rear lights, bicycle bells, LightSkin seat posts, Brooks England commuter bags and helmets, Abus bike locks and many more cool items!

Offer is valid while supplies last!

And do not forget - if you are looking for a present, our Gift Certificates are still available. Give your friend or loved one our GIFT CERTIFICATE and let them make their final choice! The purchased GIFT CERTIFICATE will be e-mailed to the recipient and YOU will get a SPECIAL GIFT from us too:

Coupon for 5% of GIFT CERTIFICATE if value for $ 50.00 or less;

Coupon for 10% of GIFT CERTIFICATE if value is $ 50.01 to $100.00;

Coupon for 15% of GIFT CERTIFICATE if value is $ 100.01 to $ 250.00;

Coupon for 20% of GIFT CERTIFICATE if value is $ 250.01 to $ 500.00;

Coupon for 25% of GIFT CERTIFICATE if value is $ 250.01 to $ 1,000.00!

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