Fear of theft is one of the major reasons a lot of people opt out of biking and miss out on the fun of riding a good well-designed bicycle. And there are ways to avoid losing your bike to thieves: you do not want to leave your bike in a dark alley overnight – rather bring it in home or to your office (there are a lot of businesses now that are becoming bike-friendly and allow that), use a proper bike lock when you have to leave your bicycle unattended. These simple to follow safety measures will make your bike safe.

Bike thieves usually go for things they can get their hands on really fast for fear of being caught red-handed. So a level 10 and up bike lock (like the ABUS BORDO 6000 or the Kryptonite FAHGETTABOUTIT) that can take a really long time to break should do the trick. But how long does it take to loosen a hex nut on your frame to loosen the seat-post or a wheel? 5 seconds or even less? And thus there is a great chance you will find your bike frame there, but missing a wheel (or both), saddle and seat-post, or even a handlebar! These components can be pretty expensive and valuable too, and how do you ride your bike without a saddle?

Now there is a great way to avoid such theft – a German startup HEXLOX came up with ingenious magnetic inserts that do not allow to use an Allen key to unscrew the nuts. It takes a second to insert it and a second to take it out - but only with a specially coded HEXLOX key, that only the owner has! Even a strong Neodym-Magnet can't remove the HEXLOX insert from the bolt!

So now you can make sure all of your bike components are protected and safe – just use the HEXLOX inserts on the seat-post, saddle, handlebar, wheels and other elements that can be usually quickly taken off your bike.

Should we also add that the HEXLOX inserts look really cool with their ruby-like finish and add an extra touch to your ride?

We have pre-configured HEXLOX sets for each of the bicycles we offer, or you can order HEXLOX insertsjust for components you feel need that extra protection – for example, the seat-post and headset. You can later purchase additional HEXLOX inserts and keys with your unique code that you will receive with your first order.

So get your HEXLOX now – we ship anywhere in the continental US. Also feel free to message or call us at (305)-504-1362 if you need additional information or advice.


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