Upgrade your Multi-Speed

Multi speed bikes are bestsellers internationally - everyone looks so cool riding a beast with a derailleur! But it is not only about the looks: though a gear system adds some weight to the bike and generally requires a bit more maintenance, it gives the rider much more flexibility compared to a single speed bike when it comes to tackling hills or off-road trails or going as fast as you dare on a straight stretch of road. So, if you live in a city like San Francisco, plan to race in the Tour de France, or like gravel grinding, a multi speed is just right for you! Only make sure you get a bike with a high quality gear shifting mechanism, like the SRAM Force or Alfine and Ultegra by Shimano. If you are a fan of high-end technology and engineering - go for the Rohloff Speedhub or the Pinion boasting an amazing 636% of gear range!

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